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A white analog alarm clock rests next to alphabet blocks reading “tax time” before an orange background

Your 2023 Tax Day Checklist – Changes, Deductions & General Tips

Between the start of a new year and the first day of spring, it’s common…

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Three stacks of coins in increasing height with wood blocks spelling TAX on top, leading to a coin jar

Earned Income Tax Credit FAQs: Who Qualifies & How to Apply

It’s a new year and a new time for celebration, commitment, and confidence that we…

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Man holding pen with bills, receipts, laptop, and calculator on his desk

Debt Management 101: How to Get the Upper Hand on Business Debt

If Alabamans aren’t nationally recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit, they truly ought to be. With…

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View of financial fraud ledger details in a table through a magnifying glass with coins in the background

How to Prevent Business Fraud: 5 Tips from CPAs

As a business owner, your job is to manage the big picture, making sure that…

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Animation of a businesswoman standing on a bad/good/medium chart and pulling the arrow toward good

Top Tips for Improving Your Credit Score from Our CPAs

Credit scores can certainly seem mystifying. They’re a unique combination of the data analytics efforts…

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How a professional CPA can prevent you from the ruin of accidental fraud

Here at Leadingham Rodgers’ Montgomery office, our CPAs pledge to optimize your savings and cash…

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Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Score

It’s a simple equation: your business credit score determines whether and how much money you…

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What Type of Business Are You In – Entity Selection and Tax Liability

The time has come: You’ve finally decided to start your own business. Congratulations! But there…

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Estate Planning Basics – How a CPA Can Help

The term “estate planning” may have an old world, old money ring to it, but…

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Nest Egg 101 – An Introduction to Retirement Planning

Coming to us all the way from the 14th century, the term “Nest Egg” was…

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Why Hire a Forensic Accountant?

Thanks to popular crime shows and primetime TV, the field of forensic science is experiencing…

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So You’re Being Audited – Quick and Painless Tips

Stay in business long enough and it’s bound to happen. Despite its reputation, however, an…

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Valuing A Business – Important Factors When Buying or Selling

2020 has been tough on businesses big and small. From seemingly dominant international corporations to…

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Cut your Small Business Costs with These Easy Tips

You might call it your dream, your baby, your reason in life, but if your…

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Consulting for Business

CPA Consultation – What Leadingham Rodgers Can do For Your Business

“Should I consult a CPA about this?”  “What can a CPA really do for my…

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