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Why Hire a Forensic Accountant?

Thanks to popular crime shows and primetime TV, the field of forensic science is experiencing something of a renaissance. From strands of hair to carpet fibers, muddy boot prints to tire tracks at the scene, tales of forensic sleuths endlessly thrill and fascinate us.

The field of forensic accounting rarely enjoys a similar enthusiasm, but for business owners and private entities alike, forensic accountants can be the true heroes.

Leadingham Rodgers’ crack team of forensic accountants does much the same as their counterparts on TV: they uncover fraud, catch thieves, calculate damages, and resolve heated disputes.

But why hire a forensic accountant? When should I consider their services for myself or my business?

Fraud Investigations

“Fraud” is a perilous word and usually comes with unpleasant consequences. When a business partner or employee is suspected of fraud, the mere notion demands a professional level of due diligence and investigation.

Forensic accountants break open the books and scrutinize every last digit, dot, and zero. With eyes as keen as any famous detective, your forensic accountant can trace the movements of funds, identify ill-gotten assets, calculate compensation, and even conduct interviews with potential suspects.

Commercial Damages

In cases of commercial litigation, forensic accountants can lend both experience and expertise. Damaging behaviors between businesses (or within a single business) usually leave a telltale trail in the ledger. 

Forensic accountants provide expert witness opinions for numerous disputes including breach of contract, wrongful competition, intellectual property infringement, and fraud. 

Numbers don’t lie quite as easily as people do–and even numbers spill their secrets to forensic accountants.

Shareholder/Partnership Disputes

At the end of the day, everyone wants their fair share. But what’s fair to one might seem criminal to another. When shareholders or partners demand more than they’re entitled, or when they fail to receive adequate compensation in keeping with their rights, a forensic accountant is here to save the day.

After a painstaking analysis of accounting records, your forensic accountant can determine exactly how much is owed to whom and why. 

Disputes between partners or businesses and their shareholders can go on too long and hurt all involved. A third party forensic accountant can settle the matter, keeping the resentment to a minimum. 

Commercial Insurance Claims

Valued by both insurance companies and the companies they insure, forensic accountants are absolutely vital to settling commercial insurance claims.

From claims of employee fidelity and business interruption, to simple property loss, forensic accountants ultimately investigate and scrutinize records and policies to arrive at an appropriate figure. 

Filing a commercial insurance claim without a forensic accountant at your side could cost you when the ultimate determination comes down.

Leave it to the Pros

Most of us wouldn’t hire an amateur detective to solve a real-world crime. The amateur detective has neither the resources nor the credentials. When there’s a crime to be solved, we want the big lab, the microscopes, the nearly inexhaustible resources of the professional detectives.

The forensic accountants at Leadingham Rodgers can be your ally in good times and bad. They’ll go to bat for you in court, boardrooms, and in meetings with insurance companies like no other detective on Earth.

What can forensic accountants do for you? Ask today!

Unlike homicide detectives, forensic accountants aren’t only called in the worst of times. A trusted forensic accountant can save your business from threats both within and without. To learn more about how a forensic scientist can rescue the day, call (334) 270-3366 today! The smallest accounting irregularities can’t escape the sharpest eyes!