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How a professional CPA can prevent you from the ruin of accidental fraud

Here at Leadingham Rodgers’ Montgomery office, our CPAs pledge to optimize your savings and cash flows. The tax code offers many avenues toward accomplishing this while abiding the letter of the law. Nothing could be more important than organizing your finances in compliance with state and federal guidelines, which is precisely why you need a top-quality CPA. Mistakes can and will be interpreted as dishonesty. 

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss how our CPAs here at Leadingham Rodgers can help you avoid accidental fraud. 

What Is Accidental Fraud?

Fraud comes in many forms. Most of the time it results from bad actors who intend to deceive for their personal gain. But individuals and businesses will also commit accidental fraud. That might sound like a harsh way of defining ‘accident’. 

You might be thinking that this doesn’t sound like as big a deal as us accountants make it out to be. You didn’t mean to defraud anyone. Our CPAs have seen it too many times: inputting the wrong information on financial transactions or failing to report taxable earnings on annual tax filings will get you into a world of hurt.

Leadingham Rodgers provides a vast array of fraud protection services. From forensics accounting to audits of all shapes and sizes, our CPAs will ensure that you steer clear of any regulatory infractions or unforced errors. 

Leadingham Rodgers Ensures Compliance

Starting With The Fundamentals

Though we eschew formulaic and redundant methods, our professional CPAs here at Leadingham Rodgers start with the basic fundamentals. Two of the major approaches to accidental fraud are:

  • Forensic Accounting leverages the details of past bookkeeping, transactions, and other filings to find the truth about an accounting error. Using these details, our CPAs create a timeline that provides the measure of damage or loss;
  • Audits provide thorough review and analysis of a business’ accounts over a specified period of time. Audits differ from forensics in their scope. While forensics may attempt to explain a single error, an audit may be performed after the discovery of an error to get a clear picture of the company’s entire financial history.

The absence of these strategies can turn a small error (resolved before annual tax filing) into an instance of accidental fraud reported well after April 15th. Your business can’t depend on an accounting firm with an assembly line of novice CPAs without real-world experience. 

Top Quality Accounting Requires Innovative Strategies

However, unlike most firms, Leadingham Rodgers isn’t wedded to generic strategies. And our industriousness begins with our team. 

Our CPAs here in Montgomery come from countless backgrounds. Our problem solving expertise originates from a wide range of perspectives, a highly democratic process that ranges from senior partners down to young, talented, and hungry associates. Alongside a robust arsenal of strategies, our creativity and foresight sets us apart from other CPA firms. 

Moreover, truly innovative solutions come from CPAs with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the tangible business world. Our breadth of experience across countless industries ensures an unparalleled attention to detail. In grayer areas of the tax code, our team will be able to correctly justify the optimization of your records and filings. 

Cut-rate accountants breed cookie-cutter results. Automated software generalizes the nature of your business. Internal accountants scramble to meet payroll and deadlines. What all of these have in common are a potential for oversight. Don’t succumb to the quickest road to accidental fraud. Protect your finances and your business by getting in contact with us today. 

Call Leadingham Rodgers’ office in Montgomery, AL to protect yourself from accidental fraud 

The only thing worse than fraud is accidental fraud. Without the proper protections, accidental fraud can strike the most honest and hardworking people and business owners. Here at Leadingham Rodgers, our CPAs employ innovative strategies to ensure that you and your business steer clear of any mistakes when it comes to your financial records, transactions, and tax filings. Contact us today for your free consultation.